Changes in Nor Lines sea transport

The serious situation we are in regarding COVID-19 is causing Nor Lines to invoke our force majeure clause, meaning that any hindrances to delivery because of COVID-19 will not be a breach of contract. It is inevitable that we will end up in situations where deviations from the regular schedule will occur.

Because of the coronavirus, Hurtigruten has decided to implement some temporary, but significant changes in their routes along the coast of Norway. Hurtigruten will schedule two ships between Bodø and Kirkenes, which means that there will be a departure from Bodø every third day. This change will be in place until at least 19.04.2020.

For transport of temperature-controlled goods which normally would be handled by Hurtigruten, we will find a new delivery solution together with our customers. This will be coordinated by your local Nor Lines office.

For transport activities which can no longer be handled by Hurtigruten, a solution will be found with the help of our Daily-network. This network consists of about 20 vessels which travel along the coast, and they are in regular service with the ability to transport large cargo.

Nor Lines have 40 terminals along the coast of Norway which are operating close to normal. All staff are doing their best to ensure that customer goods are delivered while at the same time keeping customers up to date regarding the situation.

Nor Lines do apologise for the situation we are now in. Unfortunately, delays will happen, but we ask our customers to bear with us and help us ensure that there still is a sea transport service available when this crisis has passed.

For questions, please see our website or contact your local Nor Lines office.


Oddgeir Hepsø

Head of Product Development