Information Regarding Increased Shipment Charges

Like many other companies in Norway and Europe, Nor Lines is affected by the unexpected and extensive downturn due to the coronavirus. We are all impacted in some way and the final consequences are currently out of our control.

Fortunately, what we can control is our own measures and operational changes. Together with our partners and customers, we can ensure the sustainability of our companies during this time. By working together, we can get through this.

The transportation industry is an essential part of Norway’s infrastructure. In order to deal with the consequences of layoffs, closed borders, restrictions for Hurtigruten, as well as access to a workforce which is not in quarantine, the Government has so far taken good measures, especially when it comes to allowing for exemptions in work and rest requirements.

This exemption has made our work a little bit easier in a confusing and chaotic time. So far, Nor Lines has worked hard to ensure that our customers are as unaffected as possible, but at the same time we now see that the total effect of the downscaling of infrastructure and the decline in volume from large customer segments is forcing us make some changes in order to ensure future sustainability.

As a result of this force majeure event, Nor Lines is introducing temporary additional shipment charges to ensure that the transportation network continues during this crisis.

For the extended period 01.06.2020 – 31.08.2020, the following charges are applicable:

Weight Additional charge per shipment
0 kg – 99 kg 27 NOK
100 kg – 499 kg 52 NOK
500 kg – 999 kg 103 NOK
1000 kg – 1999 kg 177 NOK
2000 kg – 312 NOK


Please note that the increased charges during COVID-19 is applicable one month at the time. Nor Lines will issue a notification one week in advance at the end of the month if the charges will continue.

In a time where we all are facing great challenges; we do understand that this can add to your stress. At the same time, we hope you can understand that this is a necessary step for us in order to keep going in the coming weeks.

You are welcome to call your Nor Lines representative to have a chat. Together we can find a solution that suits you.

Hang in there, and stay safe.

Kind regards

Kristoffer Fausa

Head of Sales and Marketing