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To get your shipment to its destination at the right time will always be our priority, but at the same time both Nor Lines and our customers are growing more concerned about how the shipment reaches its destination.

Acting on Our Environmental Responsibility

As a leading company in the transport industry, Nor Lines are very aware of the responsibility we have for the environment and climate. A large part of our transport activity is performed by sea: cargo vessels have big loading capacities which results in significantly less emissions per tonne/km when comparing to transport by road. In addition, we are always developing smarter and more energy efficient technologies to be implemented into our infrastructure.

If choosing Nor Lines to transport your goods, rest assured that we get the job done with the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Innovation for the Environment

For more than 160 years, Nor Line has offered a scheduled shipping service. In 2015 we entered a new era when we launched two new LNG-powered cargo vessels, “Kvitbjørn” and “Kvitnos”, which are now included in Nor Lines regular routes. Cargo vessels with zero emissions do not yet exist, but the LNG-powered vessels are definitely a step in the right direction.

By changing the design of the hull and a propulsion machinery powered by LNG results in:

  • A reduction in CO2 emissions by about 35%
  • A reduction in nitrogen oxides by about 90%
  • No soot and sulphur oxides emissions
  • A reduction in waste oil
  • No risk of oil spill

Check out our eco calculator and see how much you can save the environment by choosing Nor Lines.

We care!

We work around the clock to help you reach your shipments.

Please contact us if you have any questions.