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Nor Lines Daily – a seamless chain of transport through groupage and part load (LCL) door to door services

Over the years, the road transport industry has managed to position themselves as the preferred method of transport of goods. The industry has increased their market share by consolidating cargo (groupage) and utilizing each other’s loading capacities, or in other words, by being innovative and efficient. To lower the environmental impact and increase cost-efficiency of road transport, the industry has for decades used groupage, which is crucial in such an elongated country as Norway. In 2018, Nor Lines were able to develop a system of consolidating cargo for shipping, with the help of our extensive network of agents and shipping companies along the coast line. As a result, Nor Lines is taking the responsibility of guiding shipping companies and agents into a future of transport solutions where the sharing economy is crucial.

In early 2019, Nor Lines AS introduced the service “Nor Lines Daily”:

  • With the coastal route (operated by Hurtigruten) as the basis of the service we can offer daily departures along the coast of Norway, from Bergen to Kirkenes.
  • Samskip/Nor Lines are supplying another 5 cargo vessels, ensuring additional capacity.
  • About 30 cargo vessels are available for use from more than 10 shipping companies, which again increase capacity and high frequency.
  • Nor Lines’ terminals and network of agents ensures a unique door-to-door service all over the country, with shipping as the main mode of transport. Door-to-door transport is now an industry requirement.
  • The logistics of the whole process is coordinated from the Nor Lines Daily centre of operation

Nor Lines Daily is a service which offers shipping of cargo by utilizing the capacity of cooperative companies as well as coordination of marketing, sales and booking. This makes Nor Lines Daily a strong competitor to road transport. Nor Lines has established a centre of coordination in Trondheim, which gives customers a single point of contact and proximity to production.

Nor Lines wants to emphasize that it is the efforts of shipping companies, agents and our passionate employees that has made this project possible, and for us the Daily-service is one of the most efficient ways of making transport of goods more sustainable for the future.

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