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We Care

Nor Lines Norway AS knows that all companies have their own specific needs when it comes to transport of goods which require our full attention. With a focus on sustainability, we customize each solution, using the sea when possible and the road when required. We know that the best logistic outcomes are found when communicating with our clients and together we can coordinate a complete chain of transportation, which is both environmentally friendly and efficient.

A Unique Logistics System

Nor Lines Norway AS is a supplier of logistic services who operates all over the country. With our centralised systems and 45 locations we are never far from our clients and thus we are able to offer cost-efficient and sustainable solutions. Our domestic network ensures a united scheduled transportation system, where regions are connected through road, rail and sea. Through our holding company, Samskip, we are able to offer our clients further logistic solutions in regards to import and export of goods and services.  Our domestic and international terminals perform all types of collection and distribution, so we will always be in close proximity to our clients. Nor Lines Norway AS have disposition of the cargo capacity of the coastal route of Norway (operated by Hurtigruten AS), and by this we help improve the environmental impact on the different ports of call along the coast line. We also offer an international freight-forwarding service to all continents.

Nor Lines Norway AS have the ability and capacity to accept all kinds of transport requests, from small parcels to larger loads, frozen goods, shipping containers, roro, oil & gas equipment and other types of industry goods.

Key Figures

  • Annual turnover of NOK 800 million
  • 200 employees
  • 30 cargo vessels in our DAILY-network, with 5 vessels owned by our group
  • Cargo capacity of 11 ships sailing along the coast of Norway
  • 45 terminals located across the country. 13 are owned by us, while the remaining are operated by other agents which is an essential part of our network
  • 50 direct lines by road/rail
  • 350-400 distribution vehicles, which operates for Nor Lines on a daily basis

We care!

We work around the clock to help you reach your shipments.

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